Hall User Notes



The notes which follow may be found here (Word) or here (Pdf) in printable form


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Unlocking/locking hall

When using the door control knob, please turn it very gently. It is easily broken.

To Enter

  • Using the blue or black plastic topped key, open the central lock of the automatic doors by turning clockwise .
  • Using the Yale key, insert Yale type key into lock to the right of the doors, turn to the right once.   The doors will open.
  • Setting Auto door controls: Once inside, turn right to locate door controls. Opening instructions are detailed on the wall by the door control, but gently turn plastic grip twice to the right (clockwise).   This will mean the control knob Is facing the top Approximately 12 o’clock position– which means two way traffic. Do not use other positions.

To Exit

  • Setting Auto Door Controls: before leaving the hall, turn plastic grip on door control knob gently twice to the left (anti clockwise). This will be as far as the knob will turn. The control knob will be approximately at the 9 o’clock position. The doors will close and click shut.
  • Now press the push button above the knob, and the door will open for a few seconds to allow you to exit.
  • Exit hall and stand to one side off the slabbed area (out of the sight of the sensor) to allow doors to close, you will hear a ‘click’.
  • Locking the doors
  • To fully secure the building please use black (or blue) key to double lock the central lock in the centre of the front door by turning key anti - clockwise. You will hear a click.

Heating & Ventilation

Hirers are requested to be energy conscious in the use of all discretionary heating and ventilation.


The under floor heating system is automatic and needs no adjustment. In the Main Hall, committee room and doctors’ rooms ‘top up’ ceiling heating is provided with adjustable, push button switches sited by the entrance doors. The ceiling heaters are powered when the red LED shows on the adjoining pre-set thermostat; they will deliver heat at their maximum rate whatever the thermostat setting. Do not adjust the setting.

During the winter time use may be made of two variable speed ceiling fans which will re-circulate the rising warm air.   A switch unit is sited adjacent to the lighting switches. Before turning on, the slide switch should be set to the ‘downwards arrow’ (i.e. pushing air down) position. The speed selector should be set to 1 (but may be increased subsequently once the fans have come up to speed). Please ensure the fans are turned off after use and the speed selector is reset to 1.


If possible, windows must remain closed during parties etc. to reduce noise disturbance.

Please ensure all windows and doors are closed when leaving the hall.

During the summer months use may be made of two variable speed ceiling fans which will re-circulate the rising warm air to create some air movement. A switch unit is sited adjacent to the lighting switches. Before turning on, the slide switch should be set to the ‘upwards arrow’ (i.e. pulling air up) position. The speed selector should be set to 1 (but may be increased subsequently once the fans have come up to speed). Please ensure the fans are turned off after use and the speed selector is reset to 1.



Main Hall


Four rows of high frequency fluorescent lights – one click for ‘on’ and second click for ‘off’. Continual pressure will dim or brighten in any one row.


Committee Room


Similar operation




Dimmable to allow subdued lighting when hatch is open.   Down lighters over the serving area operated by pull cord.




Lighting is switched from the right hand side of the main entrance when facing out. On vacating the building (after switching off ALL the lights) there is an override delay button above the switches to allow lighted exit. The outside hall wall lights also work automatically by sensors during the night time.



Alarm Systems

Disabled person’s toilet – alarm system

A pull cord will activate an alarm and flashing light outside the room to summon assistance. The alarm can be de-activated from inside the room by a push button.


Fire Alarm System

All hirers must acquaint themselves with the Notes ‘Action in the Event of a Fire’ beside the Fire Alarm Panel, inside the first set of corridor doors.

Red alarm points are located adjacent to all external exit doors.

The doors at either end of the corridor are fitted with magnetic hold open devices.   When the fire alarm is active, the magnetic closers are de-energised and the doors will close but not lock.


See separate notice – ACTION IN THE EVENT OF FIRE


Hot Water

Hot water can be switched on/off by means of timer switches located in the following positions.



On arrival, switch on the CPD WH switch located by the water heater.

The push button timer is located in the cupboard underneath. By pressing the button once, twice or three times, the heating will be for one, two or three hours.


Consulting Room


By the door into the committee room, press once for 2 hours.


Sinks in the toilets


There is a push button control on the right hand side of the disabled toilet wall.   This will automatically turn off after an hour.




Comprehensive instructions are affixed to the wall above the dishwasher. Please follow them carefully and in order. It is important to follow the instructions exactly. Be patient, and wait for each stage to complete before pushing buttons for the next step. Switch off after use. If the instructions are not followed, the computer controls are confused and it stops working properly!

Cold Water

Drinking water may be taken from any cold tap

Oven and Hob

The Gas hob is served by bottle propane gas. The main oven is electric.

In the event of a suspected gas leak, open all doors and windows, extinguish any naked flames, and do not turn on any electrical switches. Evacuate building and immediately notify the Hall management using the emergency contact numbers displayed in the front door window.

Please clean oven and hob thoroughly after use

Sound Producing Equipment and Noise Control

Two double sockets, coloured red, located on either side of the stage area are specifically sited for use by providers of entertainment. No other sockets in the hall should be used for this purpose without prior written authority of QMH.

An electronic device is installed in the main hall which monitors the volume of any sound producing equipment and provides a visual warning via a flashing red light if the levels exceed a pre-set acceptable threshold. Failure to respond to warnings within a pre-set time, by the permanent downward adjustment of levels, will result in the automatic disconnection of the power supply to the equipment. Power will return after a sanction period of 2 minutes but the process will repeat should noise levels exceed thresholds once more.

Music MUST finish by 12 midnight.   Providers of entertainment should be aware that power availability to the red sockets will cease at approximately 12.05 am (11.35pm Monday-Thursday) and they should allow time in their schedule for an orderly close down of equipment. Hirers are requested to co-operate over noise control in the interests of good neighbour relations. The Hirer or a nominated individual will have taken responsibility for compliance with the Good Neighbour Policy by signing a document to that effect.


Please sweep the main hall/kitchen after each use. The main hall can be swept in minutes using the V sweeper mounted on the wall of the storeroom (fire door side). Brooms and a vacuum are located in the same place. Dustpans may be found in the cupboard to the left of the dishwasher in the kitchen.

Please remove rubbish bags or use recycling bins as appropriate.

Bottles must be removed by the person(s) running the bar.


Hirers are responsible for ensuring compliance with non-smoking legislation (public places). External smoking may not take place within 2 metres of the automatic exit doors both to ensure that they are not constantly triggered to open/ remain open, and to prevent smoke flowing back into the building while simultaneously allowing heat and noise to escape. A bin for butts is located on the far right of the front wall as you face it.

Reporting problems, faulty equipment, or accidents

Please record any problems with the hall or its equipment in the ‘Hall Maintenance ‘book, kept in the kitchen. If there are any accidents on the premises, please note these in the book too. Serious accidents should be reported to QMH and if necessary reported to AVDC in compliance with health and safety law.

Notices & Noticeboards

No notices should be affixed to the glass doors or windows at the front of the building (with the exception of ‘last minute’ cancellation notices which must be removed by the day following the cancellation)

The noticeboards in the main hall may be used during events. But special care needs to be taken to not damage the fabric. Use only drawing pins or map pins. Do not use staples. Do not attach to the wooden frames. Please remove all attachments at the end of the hire.



Sweep main hall floor after each use

Switch off ALL lights before leaving the hall and close windows

Make sure ALL doors are properly locked on leaving