QMH is operated and managed by a team of volunteer trustees who make very effort to ensure that hirers, local residents and any other parties that are involved with the Hall are treated fairly and with respect. It is appreciated, however, that there may be occasions on which hirers or others may feel unhappy about some aspect of the operation of the Hall and wish to pass on feedback or even to make a complaint.

QMH has a policy on dealing with complaints which can be found under "Policy Statements" in the "Hall Management" section of the top menu.

If you wish to make a complaint, please

(i) e-mail your complaint, with as much information as possible, to or write to Quainton Memorial Hall (QMH) at Station Road, Quainton, Bucks, HP22 4BW

or (ii) contact the Chair (Kath Heirons - 01296 651 886) or speak in person to any of the Hall Management Committee members (as listed here).

As is detailed in the Complaints procedure adopted by QMH (published as part of the Policy), complainants may at any time take their complaint to the Charities Commission if they feel their concerns have not been properly dealt with.